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11AM - 10PM 7 Days a week 

7B's is a family owned and operated Bar & Grill.  The Boisseau family has been a large part of the Westfield/Wyben community for many years and are truly excited to be offering some wonderful Food & Beverage with a hometown feel. 

7B's Burger
Double Belly Buster Burger
14 Draft Beers
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7 B's

We opened our doors on November 16th 2012 and have truly had an amazing time serving the Western Mass community.  Who are the 7B's? Jane & Bill are the parents to 5 wonderful children John, Jeff, Sara, Steve & Kate - we make up the 7B's.  With everyone playing a roll in the success of 7B's we are truly excited for what the future holds.  7B's is commited to serving the best quality food (no microwaves or freezers here) and pouring the coldest beers and tastiest cocktails.  We love taking the time to be  constantly changing with the seasons and offering new and exciting options daily.  Stop in and ask for one of the B's you're almost guaranteed to find one of them here working the line, talking with our guests or sharing a story with the regulars.  

Toasting Beers